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Buy Kush online | Kush for sale | Buy Real kush for sale

Buy Kush online | Kush for sale | Buy Real kush for sale

 Buy Kush online | Kush for sale | Buy Real kush for sale 

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Smart Pots: A Smart way to Grow

Buy Kush online | Kush for sale | Buy Real kush for sale

Smarts Pots are made from a patented geotextile fabric that is unsurpassed in durability. This fabric is then stitched to form a grow bag that can be filled with your favorite planting mix. When used properly Smart Pots should last 5-7 years. They come in 2 colors, black, and a tan color that is sometimes referred to as California camo. There are a few imitators on the market that offer similar products but their materials and construction make them inferior.

Since 1984 High Caliper Growing has been making Smart Pots, but the marijuana industry seems to have discovered them only recently. Before Smart pots there were only a few options for above ground planting areas. Growers had the options of building raised beds, or using the crappy plastic grow bags available at most nursery supply stores.

Raised beds are wonderful, I love them. I like to grow in very fast draining soil mixes that requires frequent watering. Growing in raised beds makes the soil dry out faster and requires more watering. This might sound like a drawback but it’s part of my strategy. I like to plumb gardens with generous drip systems and fertigate the plants with every watering. Faster draining planting areas can be fed more frequently, much like a hydroponic system. The downside of raised beds is their permanence and construction cost. Smart pots offer the perfect solution.

I have grown in plastic grow bags before and they are awful. The larger grow bags are almost impossible to move, and once they get a torn top, they are very hard to properly water. Smart pots on the other hand are built from a very strong plastic cloth that is very hard to rip.

The part on air pruning must not be overlooked. These pots actually prevent roots from spiraling around and around in the container by nipping off the roots tip. This newly pruned root responds by branching, and root mass is increased.

Smart Pot Size Chart

HeightDiameter of BaseVolume in GallonsVolume in Cubic YardsVolume in Cubic feet

The good folks out at High Caliper make pots even bigger than the 200 gallon. In fact, they mention on their web site that they can make a pot any size the customer wants.  These guys have even gone a little crazy and built a 1000 gallon pot! People are calling it an instant raised bed.

I have used Smart pots myself and find they offer a more sensible solution over other methods of above ground planting. I have witnessed this ‘air pruning’ first hand and I really think it produces better root masses. If your growing area is too rocky or you are just too lazy to dig holes, then this may be the product for you.

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